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Miracles. Healing. Deliverance. Powerful moves of God. Glory released and lives transformed forever. It’s not just church history. It’s happening now. The atmosphere of Heaven is ablaze with the supernatural, but how do we conduct it from Heaven to Earth?

In Kingdom Come, Lori Wagner offers new insights on timeless biblical principles. Learn to position yourself in the flow of God’s Spirit and develop a greater dimension of connectivity. Serve as a conduit of His love, liberty, and power. It’s not an experience, it’s a lifestyle. The world is in great peril, and the kingdom of God needs you.



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Foreword by Vani Marshall

     From the first time I met Lori, I knew she was a "people changer." She is passionate about the Word, prayer and the apostolic faith. Every time I have read a book she has authored or have heard her speak, she exuded a love for truth and holiness. Lori embodies godliness and faith in a deep way.

     Perhaps the greatest strength of Kingdom Come is Lori’s unrelenting emphasis on the supernatural and how it cannot be supplemental but must always be integral to the Christian walk. This book will equip you to understand Kingdom precepts properly and, on that firm foundation, commit yourself to it with confidence that God is willing and able to move in our lives.

     The book addresses not only our identities and purposes but also the challenges we face in dealing with common distractions and enemies from without and within. Lori succinctly lays out the argument that only when we will what God wills are we able to complete the work of the Great Commission. We will then reflect the love and supernatural power of God in our world.        

     In Kingdom Come, Lori declares that when our temples are made “whole” and we unite in the purposes of God, we are prepared to serve as conduits to see salvation, healing, and deliverance manifest in the earth. All for His glory. All in His name. As He moves us into a greater dimension of liberty and power.        

     This book will not disappoint. Instead, it will encourage and empower the reader to do more, to commit more, and to serve the Lord whole hardheartedly! I highly recommend Kingdom Come to anyone wanting to access ALL that the Lord has for us through faith!        

     Lori, as always I am so proud of you and I am thankful we are friends.

- Vani Marshall, MS Psychology, BCPPC
Counselor, Associate Professor of Psychology


Jack Cunningham

Virginia District Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International

Pastor, Bible World, Chesapeake, Virginia

        Apostolics have a hunger for the supernatural. We want to hear God’s voice and operate with anointing in the gifts of the Spirit. Many authors have endeavored to identify the keys to building a spiritual ministry, but in Kingdom Come, author Lori Wagner hit the nail on the head. She recognized that to be greatly used by God, essential elements must first come together.

        To fully equip us, God, His Word, and the church each do their part, but there is one additional vital component: our willingness to allow God to mold us into a vessel of honor. Kingdom Come outlines this core principle—how to be spiritual and stay spiritual. Thank you for this book."

30-second informational video

30-second informational video

What's Kingdom Come all about?

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