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     Lori Wagner. She is that rare thing of beauty and great value to the Kingdom—an anointed woman of God.  "The Spirit of the Lord is upon her . . ." 

      Lori is a woman of prayer and the Word. She is a gifted speaker and writer. She can be both practical and inspirational, challenging and cheering. She will bring to you that "word fitlyspoken." 

      Called and chosen of God, Lori Wagner will be a blessing to your church regardless of the size of your congregation. Whether scheduling her for a special event, a regular church service, or a conference, you will not be disappointed by her ministry.


—  Vesta Mangun

Alexandria, Louisiana



           Sister Lori Wagner was mightily used of the Lord! Stomach ulcers healed, ears with hearing loss restored, Kidney disorders healed. Jesus is a healer!

Rev. Richard Vincent

August 2015


           Thank you so much for those few words you spoke to my daughter Sunday night. She has been having such a hard time these last three years since her father passed and she has been very much in her own little world . . . it's been a very long time since I've seen her smile with hope in her eyes!

Name withheld

December 2010

           You were awesome, girl! Our ladies are still talking about you and the retreat. I have received phone calls, as well, from some of our church ladies around the District. You were just what our ladies needed. Thank you so much for being open and transparent. Your ministry reaches many due to your sensitivity.

Lori Simons

April 2011



           You did an amazing job at the Ladies Conference. I have heard nothing but good reports! People were healed Friday and then received amazing instruction Saturday. Thank you for giving of yourself unto the Lord.​

Betty Barker

April 2010


           We sure enjoyed having you here in August. I just wanted to let you know some of the results from the Sunday evening service that you ministered in. As you know, many people came forward for a miracle that they needed in their life. Since that time, three people have come to us to tell us that they received a healing in their body and another has received a financial miracle. Another is seeing God work in a family situation. 

     We thank God for all He is doing! Thank you for being sensitive to God's voice!

Daphne Carter

August 2015


           Thank you for your life-changing words at the Summons

to Sacrifice in St. Louis. You only spoke a few minutes, but, WOW! Some things you said impacted me deeply . . . set me free to be me in prayer, to walk in God's calling for my life. My prayer life and mindset changed as a result of your

powerful words! I am forever grateful to you. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you!

Cynthia Martin

March 2015


            Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed hearing you speak in Saginaw this past Fall. A few things you said have really stuck with me, and I have been working hard on them. God prepared me for what you taught and has been dealing with me in these areas as He is doing a work in transforming my family. Thank you for your love and sensitivity to the body of Christ.

Amy Griffin

June  2010

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