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rar ). In conjunction with Horoscope 2020, we are releasing 10 parasharas (creation sagas) to help you connect with your soul and connect with your life purpose. Click on the link below to download the parasharas. If you are looking for a link to download all the Horoscope 2020 parasharas, please visit the Parasharas section. Thank you for your support. 2020 Horoscope Prediction - June 2020 Life will be a roller coaster ride from June to July as all of the celestial energies will play out. Numerology Pada 1 Jaanuari - 4 - 2020 Januari - 11 - 2020 Festival du Printemps Francais - 5 Festival de Jazz - 11 Royal Ascot - 13 South By South East Asia Trip - 15 Mysore Utsav - 16 Hollywood Producer Jeffrey Berg Livestock Journalist Kara Hoffmann 2018 Annual Gala 2018 Annual Gala - 18 Sagar Festival of Lights - 19 2019 Annual Gala - 21 Guru Parasharas Kartikaya - Ones 1 (Kartikaya Parasharas) Kartikaya Parasharas Kartikaya Astrology is based on the time rule of the birth date and the solar ascendant of the horoscope. Based on the birth date of a person and the solar ascendant of the birth chart, his/her life is interpreted. In Kartikaya, we interpret life by astrology based on the birth date and the solar ascendant. Mercury is placed in Gemini, Venus is retrograde. Mercury is considered as expressive planet. Its nature is to express through speech and it is placed in Gemini, the most mercurial constellation. Gemini is the most mercurial constellation. It is the guardian of the threshold of the temple of the soul. The influence of the solar ascendant through this planetary position may reveal the life style and the opportunities one gets. The planet Mercury is in this position.




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