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Mighty Weapons to Defeat Your Enemy


You have your warfare. 

I have mine. 

Thankfully, God has provided access to mighty weapons we can wield in spiritual conflicts and win.

The Lord's weapons were designed by Him to be taken up by you and me—by individual believers to face our personal battles with our greatest enemy—self. 

Satan whispers lies. 

He attempts to deceive and entrap. 

He wants to cause you to doubt your identity in Christ and the power you have to live as a redeemed child of God.

But Satan is not your most opposing threat.

My greatest enemy and yours is the same one Satan faced—the internal desire to be more than God made us to be.

With all heaven's glory at his disposal, it was Satan's compelling urge to decide for himself what was wrong and what was right that got him and his sidekicks kicked out of heaven and the presence of God forever.

The defeated one whispered the same losing proposition to Adam and Eve who, in turn, faced the same enemy (self) and also lost their paradise.

What does this mean for believers today who face the same internal battle? How can we overcome?

We can win when we access God's mighty arsenal and wield sacred arms against whatever opposes His sovereignty or seeks our own glory (see 2 Corinthians 2:3–5, Ephesians 6:11–19). 

You and I must wage war in our own thought lives to knock down our personal strongholds of human reasoning.

We must pick up the weapons of spiritual warfare and destroy the false arguments in our own minds that propel us to march onward in a vain campaign for self-rule. If we don't, we will join the ranks of angels and men who have lost the beauty of what God provided for them.*

When you succeed in this very personal battle, others will see the spoils of humility won on the battlefield of the mind. Your victory has the power to destroy proud obstacles in the lives of others that would hinder them from knowing God. 

Oh, sure, we can resist Satan, but God's Word tells us he has access to our lives until we submit ourselves to God (His Word, His will. See James 4:7).

So capture your own rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey the Lord. Live out a vital, vibrant, victorious faith! 

And as you do, you will be a witness who brings no reproach to the gospel, but instead, offers to others the hope of true transformation in and through Jesus Christ.  * What is God's purpose for humanity? Watch this two-minute video to see what King David had to say:

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