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(lori wagner)

Raised in Paducah, Kentucky, the second of four girls, I grew up with my nose in a book and a desire in my heart to write. As far too many children discover, I learned first-hand how childhood brokenness and trauma can lead a girl down a painful path. I’m so thankful that in my early twenties I turned to Jesus and everything changed. The deep inner healing and peace I experienced more than three decades ago still motivates me today to share God’s love and hope with others. 

Thankfully, by His grace, I overcame the obstacles of my past, but with new years came new challenges. After only six years of marriage, I walked with my husband through his year-long battle with cancer, but at 32, found myself widowed with two young children. The Lord blessed me a second time with a wonderful husband, Bill Wagner, and together we faced the myriad challenges of raising a blended family. (Someday if we meet I’ll give you my theory on why "they" call them “blended families.”)

I once heard a minister say, “First you get a mess, then you get a message, and then you get to be the messenger.” It’s so true! 
Through the ups and downs, I’ve learned that life isn’t always easy nor what we expect it to be. It doesn't usually turn out to be what we thought we were signing up for, but it can still be good because God is good and He has good plans for His children. It’s our choice to make the most of the life we have.

In my thirties, I faced some harsh opposition to the public expression of faith as I organized community prayer events. The encounters stirred up a strong desire in me to provide resources that affirm Christians and Christianity. God reignited my girlhood dream to write, and in 2006, Affirming Faith released its first work, Gates & Fences: Straight Talk in a Crooked World. 

I was thrilled! 


And I thought I was finished. I had done what God asked me to do, but it was only the beginning. 

Over the years, I continued writing, and a door opened to launch out in a new area, public speaking. This led to greater teaching and preaching opportunities and ultimately to ordination. I walked through the door to ministry with reservation and questions, but when God orders your steps, you just pray, hold your head up, and keep walking on the path He lights before you. 

That path caused ours to intersect here in cyberspace today.

I’m glad.

I want to encourage you! Let’s look to God together. Let’s dive into His beautiful, inexhaustible Word that’s so rich with all we need to navigate this life and into the next with joy, dignity, and purpose.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read more about my journey and how Affirming Faith can help you thrive in your walk with God.




Lori Wagner is an ordained minister and recognized evangelist who travels and speaks internationally. In 2006, she founded Affirming Faith. She is a best-selling author of 25 books in genres including discipleship and Christian growth, devotional, biography, and Christian historical fiction. Her most recent project is Kingdom Come: Move in a New Dimension of Liberty and Power. She has written curriculum for Word Aflame Press and contributed articles to several periodicals and newspapers including Pentecostal Herald, and Reflections.

Lori serves on the Women in Ministry Network Committee (UPCI) and the Executive Planning Committee for the World Network of Prayer (WNOP). She previously served as WNOP's Michigan District Coordinator, as Michigan State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, Administrator for the Purpose Institute Troy Campus, and as an elected representative in her community for five terms. She is currently continuing her education at Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST). 


Lori and her husband Bill are active in their local church and community. They have four children and make their home in Clarkston, Michigan.


UGST Symposium, February 2021: Advancing the Church’s Mission in an Ever-Changing World.

  • "Empowering the Church to Demonstration: The Vital Role of Spiritual Gifts in Fulfilling the Great Commission"